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    950 3rd Street, Suite 101 | St. Paul Park, MN  55071

    Phone (651) 458-9786

    We feel good about helping and it shows….

    Some quick statistics.... 

    During 2015 Stone Soup provided goods at no cost to those lacking funds, to purchase household goods, furniture, and clothing.  Goods given were valued at $112,855, helping 409 children, 446 adults, 62 seniors, community churches, and agencies. This represented 51% of our inventory given to people in need. We are proud to say, from 1998 thru 2015, we provided free, over ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of merchandise to persons in need.

    Households with limited or fixed incomes shop at Stone Soup, and benefit from the fine quality of donated gently used items. Every month over 1,400 shoppers come to find basic needs at affordable prices. On special days as customers entered the store there are bins and shelves filled with a variety of free usable items.  Children love this, usually finding toys they can take home.  

    Please contact us to learn more about how you can help us, or we may help you.

    Voucher assistance

    While Stone Soup is opened to the general public for purchases, we also provide vouchers for free goods, to families and individuals who lack funds to obtain the household merchandise, furniture, clothing, or other basic need items we handle. Voucher referrals are made to us by community and social service organizations. 

    Stone Soup receives a generous supply of donated gently used goods.  People with limited or fixed incomes shop here, and benefit from the fine quality items they receive.

    Voucher Assistance Requests and Forms

    ….for families and individuals

    Persons or families needing help are usually referred to Stone Soup by contacting a Social Worker, or by calling community churches, county or social service organizations. 

    If they do not have a way to do this, they may call the store and speak with staff. Voice mail is available at Stone Soup.  Calls received on Monday, Friday, or Saturday will be returned Tuesday through Thursday.

    Instructions for Community & Social Service Agencies

    Details and Voucher forms are available by contacting Stone Soup at (651) 458-9786.  Speak with the store manager. Please fill out voucher forms and mail to Stone Soup Thrift Shop,    950 3rd St. Ste. 101, Saint Paul Park, MN 55071. THESE VOUCHER FORMS ARE AVAILABLE WITHIN THE WASHINGTON COUNTY PC SYSTEM.

    Completed Forms may also be faxed to us at 651-458-1090.  Appointments are required ahead of time to received free merchandise, so that staff is available to assist recipients.


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