UPDATES: 11/1/2020

Free bakery items are no longer available via the donation bay. With the weather change, bakery items are now being distributed indoors Tues-Friday from 10-5 PM. 


What is the Community Elves Holiday Help Program?

This program is set up to benefit families in need over the holidays.  We are working with Oltman Middle School, Pullman Elementary, and Newport Elementary to identify those families who are in the greatest need.  Caring people from across our community and beyond are encouraged to participate. Anyone can become an Elf, individuals as well as members of families, office groups, and community organizations.

How Does It Work?

The program starts November 24th and gifts are distributed during the Winter Wonderland Drive Thru event at Stone Soup Thrift Shop on Friday, December 18th.  We are working with Oltman Middle School, Pullman Elementary, and Newport Elementary to identify the families who are in the greatest need. Those families are notified of the opportunity and are encouraged to submit their information on each family member via an online form.  Staff at Stone Soup Thrift Shop will then distribute the profiles to individuals, families, or groups who want to sponsor a family. Sponsors (Elves) purchase items, making sure that each family member receives an item on their list (up to a $25 value), wrap the items, and drop off the gifts at Stone Soup Thrift Shop before Friday, December 18th, 2020. The anonymity of the children and their parents is always protected.

What Does It Cost to Participate?

This varies by family size. It costs no more than $25 to sponsor an individual family member.

How do I get involved?

  1. You can donate dollars to the program and our volunteer Elves can do the shopping and wrapping for you.  Any amount helps. You can donate to the Community Elves Holiday Help Program here:






        Send a check, made payable to "Stone Soup Thrift Shop” to 950 3rd St S                   #101, St Paul Park, MN 55071. In the memo field enter “Community Elves."

    2. You can be an Elf and sponsor a family. This would include purchasing and            wrapping gifts for a family that is assigned to you.  Stone Soup Thrift Shop              staff would work with you by supplying the shopping list of each family                  member. All wrapped gifts would need to be dropped off at Stone Soup                Thrift  Shop the week of December 14th for distribution on Friday,                             December   18th. If you are interested in being an Elf for this event, please             fill out the attached form:  





 3.  If you know of a family in these communities that are in need, please have                them fill out the following form:



Social distancing has been a time for many

of us to try new recipes, learn how to bake

bread, and support local restaurants

through take-out and delivery. But there are

thousands of people in our community who

don’t have those luxuries during the

pandemic. COVID-19 has heightened food

insecurity across our city.

Many families rely on schools to provide

food for their children during the day.

Without that resource, many families are now turning to Stone Soup Thrift Shop to access food. Providing non-perishable foods and supplies, Stone Soup Thrift Shop is committed now more than ever to serving our community and helping ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. We installed our Free Little Pantry on October 31, 2020, to help.

We think our pantry will be a great transition from our meal packs as a way to still provide food to the community. We find that people want to give in ways that are manageable and tangible and this will be a way to help. You can pick up a couple of cans at the grocery store, and put them into a pantry, and feel like you’re doing something. We also think a pantry will break down the barriers between a service provider and client that you see in traditional food shelves. Everyone can walk up to the pantry the same way. Our hope is that some of the shame that people experience from being in need will diminish.

We are in need of volunteers. If you would like to help, please contact volunteerssts@gmail.com


Stone Soup has been awarded the CHARITIES REVIEW
COUNCIL’S MEETS STANDARDS® SEAL. To learn more, click the link here. 


We are open...

For everyone’s safety, the following process is in place:

  • Customers are required to wear face masks.

  • Disinfectant wipes are provided to wipe down your shopping cart.

  • Shopping carts are sprayed with a disinfecting solution daily.

  • Per CDC guidelines, flat surfaces are cleaned and sanitized on an ongoing basis.

  • Specific personal protective equipment, including gloves, face masks, and face shields are worn by the staff.

  • Floor markings are in place to help customers keep appropriate social distance while they wait to check out.

  • Informational posters and documents have been posted throughout the store. 

  • Temperatures/health screenings are being done daily with a no-contact infrared thermometer at the beginning of every shift for staff and volunteers. 

Mission: “Engage the community in supporting families and individuals by providing access to quality used clothes, household items and furniture in a convenient, dignified manner.” 

Stone Soup Thrift Shop's parent organization is Basic Needs Inc. of South Washington County, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

950 3rd Street, Suite 101 | St. Paul Park, MN  55071 | (651) 458-9786

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