Why Donate?

Stone Soup is dedicated to helping families and individuals trying to stretch their budgets. Helping the community is a key aspect to what makes Stone Soup different.


Our expenses throughout the year accumulate, since we do not receive assistance from the local, state or federal governments or agencies. 


While our sales, meet a portion of our expenses, fundraising, grants and donations are necessary for us to survive financially. Help us continue our work within the community by donating your unwanted items to help provide to those in need within the community.



Beginning January 9, 2021, donations will be taken every Saturday  

10:00 a.m.-3:00p.m.

   We prefer that donations be in plastic garbage bags (soft items) or cardboard boxes ( hard items). 

             Please do not drop off donations after hours.


Funds may be donated through any of the methods below.Thank you!!

  • Credit Card - Call Stone Soup @ 651-458-9786 and speak with our staff.

  • Check - Mail to: 

Stone Soup Thrift Shop

950 3rd Street, Suite 101,

St. Paul Park, MN 55071

  • Your Bank or Credit Union - Ask them about "Bill Pay". You may donate once or monthly, and may stop at any time.

To donate a car and have funds go to the store, fill out the form at this link:


Be sure to use the Stone Soups Fed Tax ID (EIN): 41-1878604. 1-877-Charity Cars takes care of all of the paper work, will tow/ pick up the vehicle, and donates 100% of the proceeds to Stone Soup. It assists you and at the same time supports the work that Stone Soup does to help those in need in the St Paul Park, Cottage Grove, Newport, and surrounding communities.

Please donate items in usable condition. If you wouldn't pay money for it, we can't use it. It is expensive for us to dispose of unusable items.

If you have questions:

Call: 651-458-9786   or


Stone Soup Thrift Shop's parent organization is Basic Needs Inc. of South Washington County, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

950 3rd Street, Suite 101 | St. Paul Park, MN  55071 | (651) 458-9786

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